Integrated Holistic Development


Interactive Faculty

We motivate our faculty to be well informed, employ innovative teaching methodologies and create meaningful learning experiences for the students.

Small Class Sizes

Teacher to students ratio of 1:30.

Value Creation

We instill in our students the value of truth, honesty, transparency and straight-forwardness in thoughts and actions.

Knowledge and Skills

We equip children to express their curiosity and fearlessly explore ideas, thereby inviting them to enhance their intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth.

Crafted to produce excellence, the curriculum teaches students the subject matter accurately while the educators teach students to think from multiple view points. A vision with the spirit of perseverance, love for kids and a passion for teaching are the respectful qualities of our teaching faculty.



Affiliations towards Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Our Campus

Virtual tour of our campus and planned facilities.

Sports and CCA

View our approach to nurturing sports, varied forms of arts, music and dance.


Understand our approach to building our teaching community.

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